Webley & Scott Empire, kal. .308Win Vapenpaket

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Artikelnamn: Webley & Scott Empire, kal. .308Win Vapenpaket
Artnr: VAP1137
Lagerstatus: Licensplikt
13995,00 kr Ord. Pris (21263,00 kr)


Webley & Scott Empire, kal. .308Win Vapenpaket

Fabrikat: Webley&Scott / Howa
Modell: Empire / 1500
Kaliber: 308win
Vapentyp: Kulgevär
Piparr.: Enpipigt
Nytt/Begagnat: Nytt
Kommentar: 56cm gängad 1/2"-20, 

3 läges säkring, löstagbart magasin.

Belyst Olivon kikarsikte 2,5-10x50, Warne ringar och A-Tec H2 ljuddämpare

Webley & Scott released the Empire centrefire rifle in celebration of their tradition for quality gun making. Produced using the latest rifle technology, the Empire shares all the traditional qualities and heritage of those now prized rifles from 100 years ago:

Accuracy - provided by the Sub-MOA hammer forged barrel.
Reliability - assured by the utilisation of a strong Mauser style action.
Speed to target - the traditional, heritage design insures fast mounting.
Safety - three position safety and detachable steel magazine.

Every Empire Rifle features a detachable steel magazine with quick release button as well as a classic jeweled bolt that compliments the stylish and simple lines. This Classic British-designed Sporting Rifle is a combination of Heritage, Tradition and Technology. Created by Webley & Scott to be perfect for all hunting conditions whether stalking deer, chasing driven boar or shooting vermin.