Vortex Impact 850

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Artikelnamn: Vortex Impact 850
Artnr: VT-LRF-100
Lagerstatus: Viss leveranstid kan förekomma
2990,00 kr


Vortex Impact 850

Simply put, with the high-performing Impact® 850 and its economical price tag, you don't have an excuse to head afield without a laser rangefinder. Accurately ranges reflective targets to 850 yards, providing critical distance readings hunters and shooters can rely on. Range targets down to 10 yards when things get up close and personal.

6X magnification brings subjects in for a closer look and more accurate ranging. Fully multi-coated optics enhance light transmission for optimal performance in low-light settings. Provides angle-compensated HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) and LOS (Line of Sight) readings to match user preference. Can be set to read in yards or meters. The black LCD display boldly stands off against subjects during the moment of truth – and a fast readout ensures you get the range in time to capitalize on the opportunity.

Runs on a single, long-lasting, easy-to-find, CR2 battery.

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Avstånd reflekterand mål: 9,1-777m
Avstånd matt mål: 9,1-365m
Förstoring: 6x
Objektivdiameter: 20mm
Ögonavstånd: 15mm
Väderskydd: Vatten & imtät
Längd/Bredd: 96mm/75mm
Vikt: 156g
Måttenhet: Meter & Yards
Garanti: Livstid